The President

Costantino Baldissara 
Grimaldi Group Naples
President since 2009
Vice President  2007 - 2009  Board Member since 2002              

The Board


Vice President & Chairman of the Board
Wolfgang Göbel
Horst Mosolf GmbH & Co KG
Vice President since 2009 Board Member since 2003



Roberto Volpato

Treasurer since 2013
Board member since 2011

  Maximilian Altmann
ARS Altmann AG

Since 2013
  Peter Borrmann

Since 2013
  Michael Bünning
BLG Automobile Logistics

Since 2013
  Krzysztof Dakowicz
Adampol S.A.

Since 2014
  Marcos Duato
Flota Suardiaz

Since 2012

Also 2009-2010

  Mats Eriksson
AB SkandiaTransport

Since 2008
  Omer Gürsoy
Gürsoy Group of Companies 

Since 2012

  Christian Lang
DB Schenker Rail Automotive

Since 2014
  Ray MacDowall
ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd.

Since 2009

  Kirill Petrunkin

Since 2011

Antoine Redier

Since 2009

Konrad Zwirner
Hödlmayr International AG

Since 2009 


ECG President & Board Member Responsibilities from May 2012

The role of the ECG President, Vice-President and Board Members is to provide strategic direction for the association and direct the work of the Secretariat to ensure it meets the needs of the membership. The ECG Secretariat carries out all the day-to-day work of the organisation.

President - Costantino Baldissara

The President is the legal representative of the association and represents it for all external purposes as well as having the management responsibilities for the Secretariat staff. In co-operation with the Vice-President, Executive Director and Board Advisor, the President agrees key strategic direction, positions and messages. He is also responsible for the development of new member services and strategic alliances that support the direction of the association such as the manufacturers' European representative ACEA, or international associations such as AIAG.

Vice-President & Chairman of the Board - Wolfgang Göbel

The Vice-President is also the Chairman of the Board and deputises for the President in all matters. He is also responsible for the development of the membership in co-operation with all Board members, and for the association's relationship with the manufacturers' senior logistics representatives.

Treasurer - Roberto Volpato

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters including budgeting, membership fees and the management of the reserves that have been generated.

Other Board Member responsibilities:

All ECG Board members take responsability for one or more areas of activity in support of the objectives of the association. These comprise Working Groups, regional responsability (including holding regular regional meetings) and special projects.

You can find the full list of current responsabilities here.