ECG Academy course by course

Here you can find information on previous ECG Academy courses, since Course 5 - 2010/11. On this page it is possible to have an overview on where the previous courses took place and what facilities have been visited in order to get  a better understanding of logistics operations and manufacturing, besides the theoretical knowledge touched upon during the five modules which make up the course. It is also possible to see who attended the course each year.

Giovanni Paci Award

Giovanni Paci served as an adviser to the ECG Board from 2005 until his sudden and unexpected death in September 2009 while travelling to meet with ECG. 

In 2010 the Board of ECG inaugurated the Giovanni Paci Award in order to honour and perpetuate his memory. 

Since 2010 this is awarded each year to the top student on the ECG Academy as adjudged by the Course Director. 

To see the prevous Giovanni Paci Award winners, please click here.


Honorary Logisticians

Since 2009, the title of Honorary Automobile Logistician may be bestowed upon a maximum of one person per year with the unanimous consent of the ECG Board and the Course Director.  The award recognises people who have made an exceptional contribution to the finished vehicle logistics sector.

Here you can download a list of all alumni of the ECG Academy, course by course.