Following the discussion and agreement of the Board of ECG and the European Business School (EBS) the Internal Rules of the association were amended to incorporate the potential to recognise people who have made an exceptional contribution to the sector. After the initial awards the title of Honorary Automobile Logistician may be bestowed upon a maximum of one person per year with the unanimous consent of the ECG Board and EBS.

It is not always awarded but when it is the presentation will normally be made at the annual graduation ceremony of the Academy which traditionally takes place in front of the members at the occasion of the Welcome Dinner during the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly.

In the gallery below you will find all those who have received the award so far.

Claude Guetin
General Assembly 2013 - Dublin
Egon Christ
General Assembly 2016 - Milan
 Ilhan Cetinkaya
General Assembly 2012 - Oslo-Copenhagen
 Frits Mehrtens
General Assembly 2009 - Zurich
Giovanni Paci
Annual Conference 2009 - Rotterdam
 Louis Yiakoumi 
Annual Conference 2009 - Rotterdam