Structure and elements of the ECG Academy 2015/2016.

This page will be regularly updated with dates and more information on the modules.                                

Module 1:
Vienna, 13-16 October 2015

At the first module the participants become well-grounded in the fundamentals of innovation management and how to apply this know-how. They will alsostart working on the "Virtual Innovation Lab". Contract law will be a new topic added this year to the module. The timing of the first module coincides with the ECG Conference.

Module 2:
Bremen, 23-28 November 2015

During the second module the principles of process and project management are taught to the participants who also discuss the future challenges in logistics. They have a company and site visit at both BLG in Bremerhaven and the Daimler factory in Bremen.

Module 3:
Barcelona, 1-6 February 2016

The third module elaborates further on innovation management, develops presentation skills and touches upon risk management. Participants will visit Grimaldi, SEAT and the Port of Barcelona.

Module 4: Edlbach, 4-9 April 2016

This module starts with a written examination on the content of the three former modules. Besides the exam, the  participants will receive training on negotiation skills and present their work on the virtual innovation lab. This module takes the Academy students on three site visits to see the operations of Hödlmayr, Kässbohrer and MAN.

Module 5: Lago Maggiore, not far from Milan, 23-28 
May 2016

The final module includes the oral assessment as well as presentation and defence of their thesis by each student. These examinations cover all previous modules and measure the participant’s individual performance. The module and the Course ends with the graduation ceremony that is held at the dinner of the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly.

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