VIN labels in vehicle distribution processes

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ECG has published a recommendation on Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) labels in vehicle distribution processes.

The Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17 digit alphanumeric number used to identify a vehicle. There is currently no standardised format or location for the placement of the VIN label on the vehicle for identification purposes in the supply chain. As vehicles are often identified through a manual scanning process in compounds the necessity of searching for the VIN label leads to unnecessary time delays during vehicle logistics operations.

As a result of collaboration within the ECG Digitalisation Working Group Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and car manufacturers (OEMs) have agreed a recommendation which proposes a standard for the VIN label’ establishing a common minimum for information and an agreed location.

A standardised location and format for the label will deliver significant time saving and improved efficiency. Use of a ‘smart label’ which will further increase productivity is also recommended. Full details can be found in the document.

The recommendation is yet another example of ongoing cross-sector collaboration to maximise time efficiency and minimise costs in the automotive industry.

Members of the sub-group which developed the document were: Antwerp Euroterminal, Autoterminal, Ford, GEFCO, Grimaldi Group, ICO Terminals, INFORM, Koopman Group, Lagermax, Neptune Lines, PSA Groupe, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Suardiaz Shipping Lines, UECC, Volkswagen Group.