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ECG Academy Alumni Meeting 2023

09/02/2023 20:00 - 10/02/2023 13:00 CET Barcelona, Spain

General Assembly & Spring Congress 2023

11/05/2023 15:00 - 12/05/2023 13:00 CEST Thessaloniki, Greece

ECG Conference 2023

12/10/2023 19:00 - 13/10/2023 16:00 CEST Copenhagen, Denmark

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To provide a common platform for the finished vehicle logistics industry in Europe through:

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Multi-modal methods of transportation of new cars by ECG members

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Tesla hoping its electric Semi will be heavy-duty ‘game changer’

EURACTIV - 2022-12-02

US automaker Tesla on Thursday 1 December delivered its first battery-powered heavy duty truck, dubbed “Semi,” and built to tackle long hauls with the handling of a sporty sedan. …

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This is what it costs to double EU’s rail freight share by 2050 - 2022-12-02

The share of rail freight transport is projected to double until 2050. In order to handle the growing volumes, a public investment of €490bn is needed into the TEN-T rail infrastructure. This comes down to €16.3bn per year. …

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IRU welcomes trilogue negotiations on EU Intelligent Transport Systems

IRU - 2022-12-01

IRU welcomes the European Parliament’s move to expedite the discussions on the revision of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive, as the Transport Committee (TRAN) is mandated to enter trilogue negotiations. …

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Press Release - Ambition of European Commission on TEN-T must be maintained by EU Council

ERFA - 2022-12-01

On 1 December 2022, ERFA, along with other European railway associations, issued a joint statement on the need f …

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The EU needs a holistic policy approach to zero-emission mobility

ACEA - 2022-11-30

Recently, in the space of just two weeks, we saw two major legislative milestones that are of great significance to the EU auto industry – but that unfortunately risk pulling our sector in different directions. …

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It’s strike season in the rail industry - 2022-11-30

Rail workers all over the world have organised and are organising multiple strikes to grab the industry’s attention on the issues they deem more important. …

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The Alumni meeting is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

ECG - 2022-11-30

The annual ECG Academy Alumni Meeting, organised by ECG in co-operation with the ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG), will take place in Barcelona on 9-10 February 2023. This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! …

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Honda to develop advanced level 3 self-driving technology by 2029

Reuters - 2022-11-30

Honda said it would develop technology enabling its level 3 self-driving capability to function at any speed below legal limits on highways by the second half of the 2020s as it strives to eliminate traffic deaths involving its vehi …

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Provisional ETS agreement: Earmarking of revenues can mark turning point for European shipping’s decarbonisation

ESCA - 2022-11-30

European shipowners welcome the outcome of yesterday’s trilogue negotiation and the provisional agreement on the EU ETS maritime. …

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How the EU is boosting renewable energy

European Parliament - 2022-11-30

Energy is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Find out how the EU wants to increase renewable energy and decarbonise the sector. …

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