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ECG launched an education programme in 2005 when the ECG Academy was created in conjunction with the European Business School to meet the need for management training in vehicle logistics. Since then this course has gone from strength to strength being run every year from October to May. The original department was later taken over by KPMG’s education arm. Since 2021 the Zeppelin University has taken over the management of the course in partnership with KPMG. The deployment of the course is managed by the Academy Director Dr. Christian-Titus Klaiber and caters for between 18 and 24 students each year.

In 2017, the board wanted to support the demand from many of the Academy alumni for further training in negotiation in order to build on the negotiation skills they had learned during the Academy course. The Negotiation Academy Potsdam, part of the University of Potsdam, was identified and a two-day course in Negotiation Management was launched. Since 2018 this has been run a number of times each year and, in 2020, the advanced ‘Big Mountain’ course was added for those wishing to do additional training. This is again a two-day course run in Potsdam.