FVL glossary

The project to produce and publish the ECG ‘Glossary of Vehicle Logistics Terminology’ was initiated by the ECG Quality Working Group (WG) in April 2013. It includes the most common terms, with their definitions, used in the Finished Vehicle Logistics sector. The final draft of the Glossary was approved by members of the WG on 20th January 2015. The Glossary has been reviewed several times since its first publication: version 1.1 in 2015, versions 1.2 and 1.3 in 2016. The current version 2 of the Glossary was revised and complemented with approximately 50 new logistics terms and prepared for publication in September 2017.

The Glossary contains more than 250 entries which cover terms from rail, road, and maritime transport. Since many terms that are used in the FVL sector are abbreviated, the Glossary contains an abbreviation list which helps the user to quickly identify a term and then to find its definition in the document. Whilst this publication does not claim to be an exhaustive source of information, it does provide sufficient detail on the terms, sometimes with a link to the source it was taken from or where more information can be found.

The Glossary will be constantly updated and improved, but for this we depend on you. Should you wish to have a term added, or feel some definitions are not precise enough, please feel free to provide us with your suggestions or corrections either by completing the ‘Amendment proposal’ which you can find at the back of the book and returning it to ECG, or informing us by sending an e-mail to: info@ecgassociation.eu.