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Finished vehicle logistics refers to all activities taking place after a new vehicle leaves the factory until the point when it reaches the customer. The main activities involved in this process include the storage, post-production modifications and/or pre-delivery inspections and the delivery of the vehicle to the dealer.

Finished vehicle logistics is a highly specialized sector of the transportation industry with meticulous and dedicated storage, workshops, and transportation required. Skilled drivers are also necessary to ensure smooth delivery without damages to the product.

ECG Members represent 80-85% of the finished vehicle sector in Europe. ECG also has numerous partner organisations that are suppliers to the industry and include trailer manufacturers, IT companies and inspection companies.

As a major employer, the finished vehicle logistics sector plays an important role in contributing to the economic success of the European Union. ECG members have an aggregate turnover of around €21.3bn and their economic impact on companies associated with the sector is estimated at €56bn. More than 93,000 Europeans are employed directly by the vehicle logistics industry and an additional 224,000 are indirectly employed in this sector.