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The Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) was created in October 2017 at one of the Industry Meetings held between the ECG board and OEM representatives. The H&S WG was officially kicked off and its membership defined in March 2018. Since then more than 40 active members from logistics service providers, car manufacturers and trailer manufacturers have worked together to tackle H&S issues in the industry.

The initial focus of the H&S WG has been to reduce accidents in road transport operations and especially to address ‘falls from height’ which tend to be responsible for the most serious incidents.

The H&S WG has different sub-groups (SGs) carrying out activities related to truck transportation in finished vehicle logistics. The Steering Group of the H&S WG made up of the co-chairs and leaders of the sub-groups meet 4 times per year to assess the ongoing activities as well as the next steps of the various sub-groups.









The WG has currently 3 active sub-groups each working on different areas:

How to join?

For more information or to join the WG please contact Jovana Vancevska.