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As part of the enforcement of the Mobility Package the Directive (EU) 2020/1057 on the Posting of Drivers entered into force on 2 February 2022 in all 27 Member States. On this page you will find useful information to go through this transition.

Posting Declaration

From 2 February 2022, posting declaration must be submitted through the Road Transport Posting Declaration portal of the EU International Market Information (IMI) System.

If you are new to the IMI and would like to familiarise yourself with it you can find more information here. In addition, The European Commission and the European Labour Authority (ELA) organised information sessions on the new modules of the IMI System for the Road Transport sector. The presentation is available here. The training sessions are also available to watch in 12 languages on Youtube.

Road Transport Posting Declaration portal (RTPD)

The Road Transport Declaration portal will be used by road transport operators who have to comply with the EU rules on posting of drivers to submit posting declaration.

The portal is accessible here. On the portal you will also find FAQs and tutorials explaining how to use it.

A training version of the Road Transport Posting Declaration portal is available here. This can be used to test the portal before using it for professional purposes. You can create an account here.

Be careful not to confuse the training with the professional portal when submitting your declaration. Declarations submitted through the training portal will not arrive at destination.

Should you have additional questions about the portal and its use you can contact the European Commission at


On 24 January, the European Commission published an official clarification of the new EU rules on the posting of drivers. This is a useful document that can be used by road transport operators to get a better understanding on how to apply the rules and what is classified as posting.

The document can be downloaded from this page where you will also find Q&A on the Mobility Package.

Consult here the European Commission’s leaflet on the new rules for the posting of drivers.


Video tutorials on Posting Declaration:

  1. How to create your EU Login account? First compulsory step to access the application
  2. How to create your Road transport Posting Declaration account? Second compulsory step to access the application
  3. Access an existing account
  4. Navigate in the application
  5. How to manage my company account and my users


You can access here the FAQs on Posting Declaration.

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