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This document is the final result of one of the many projects devoted to standard setting by ECG. It was prepared by the ECG Maritime & Ports Working Group in 2011 to address the need for a clear and unambiguous definition of the terminology for logistics operations in ports. It clarifies the exact points at which responsibility for costs and risks transfer between carrier and shipper.

The ECG Standard Shipping Terms booklet also helps clarify the differences with the standard terminology for commercial contracts (known as Incoterms).  Its main purpose is to be used as a reference for all parties involved in contract negotiations regarding vehicle logistics in ports.

We hope it will become accepted as the standard reference by the industry and as a useful tool for all logistics operators and their clients.

You can download it here.
Members may also request hard copies from the Secretariat subject to availability.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for improving or refining this document in any way please let us know. We will update and republish it as and when necessary.