ECG Survey of Vehicle Logistics in Europe

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The ECG Survey goes digital

The ECG Survey of Vehicle Logistics in Europe is a unique scientific publication which was produced by ECG every two years until 2022. In 2023 the ECG Survey has now gone digital and its content is available on a standalone website.

It combines data on the automotive industry from ACEA, information on ECG member companies and their assets, as well as all the European OEM manufacturing plants, be it Cars & LCVs, Trucks & Buses or High & Heavy. The sales, production, import and export forecast data is provided as a courtesy of S&P Global Mobility.

The biggest development of the website compared to the book is the forecast data supplied by S&P Global Mobility which will now be updated every six months (in January and July) instead of every two years. Other benefits will include the speed with which we can update information. As part of this we will update member data at least once per year.


The website can be accessed via calendar year subscription with the below fees:

  1. ECG members: access for free – go ahead and register directly at the ECG Survey website
  2. ECG partners: €980/year
  3. OEMs: €980/year
  4. Non-ECG members: €1,980/year

To learn more about the content of the ECG Survey, please have a look at the video below.

Watch the video

In case you are from an ECG member company, you can already register at the ECG Survey website! Please bear in mind that we will need to approve your registration via a manual process so your access will not be immediate.

If your company belongs to category 2-3-4 above, please fill in the subscription form. If you need to check that your company doesn’t already have a subscription please contact us first. Once we received the subscription form from you we will get in touch with the invoice. Your access will be approved once we have received the payment from you on our bank account or when you provided a proof of payment by your bank.

With the subscription all colleagues from your company will be able to access the ECG Survey website. They just need to ensure that their corporate e-mail address is used upon registering as we will not allow access to unrecognised addresses.


Advertisement on the ECG Survey website

The ECG Survey website offers also opportunities for any company to publish advert banners and increase their visibility among the users of this growing FVL tool.

Please check the below file for further information or contact Szilvi Kiss directly if interested.