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The ECG Guide to Finished Vehicle Logistics forecasting was published in June 2023 as an update of the original document from 2019. The main purpose of the document is to address one of the greatest causes of inefficiency in the industry: the quality and accuracy of forecasting, which got exacerbated by the many years of uncertainties due to plant closures and material shortages.

In the original project in 2019 ICDP researched the current state of vehicle forecasting and identified best practices by surveying LSPs and OEMs and closely investigating their forecasting processes. Based on this research period, a toolbox of observed good practices was developed. Afterwards a number of LSPs and OEMs agreed to carry out one-to-one pilots to test the developed toolbox and measure its effect on their forecasting processes. At the end of this the pilots validated the toolbox and the recommended standard was turned into a manual.

The published ECG Guide to Finished Vehicle Logistics forecasting is meant to be a ‘living’ document which ECG will review and improve. As such we welcome any feedback from users that will help us to do this. If you have any comments or enquiries about any aspect of this manual please contact the ECG Secretariat.