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The Capacity Working Group was established at the ECG Industry Meeting that took place on 15st October 2015 in Vienna between the ECG Board members and OEMs. The Group is co-chaired by Christian Lang from DB Cargo Logistics GmbH and Manuel Medina from SEAT S.A. and representing the Volkswagen Group. Currently, the Working Group consists of approximately 40 members, including ECG Members as well as OEM representatives.


DB Cargo


On 14th July 2016 ECG held its first Capacity Working Group meeting in the Port of Barcelona, where the main objectives and priorities of the Capacity Working Group were agreed. Three strategic areas were identified on which the group should focus:

  • forecasting, alignment and commitment
  • information, technologies and transparency
  • empty mileage, capacity exchange and mapping flows.

On 20th October 2016 at the Industry Meeting in Hamburg the members of the group decided to focus on improving forecasting. This resulted in the project proposals: Project Caesar: Improving Forecast Quality for Finished Vehicle Logistics

Project Caesar

Project Caesar looks at current forecasting methodologies, aims at establishing industry ‘best practice’ and developing a toolbox of improvement measures using research and analysis to create a detailed understanding of the methods applied in formulating transport forecasts and to determine the causes and consequential effects of good and poor forecasting.

Project Caesar