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Since the beginning of 2010 a quarterly survey has been carried out across the members of the Association. This is known as the ECG Confidence & Cost Trends Survey.

Importantly the responses are collected online through SurveyMonkey and this allows responses to be completely confidential. Whilst ECG can see which companies have responded we cannot see the individual input.

The early results simply produced snapshots based on the responses received, but since the end of 2010 there have been sufficient returns from enough surveys to also start to plot and identify trends in the information. These results are an invaluable tool for ECG as clear messages can be derived from this and used in conversations with the press and other third parties.

Originally the ECG Confidence & Cost Trends Survey contained many questions that made it very long and time-consuming to fill in. However, since 2014 it was decided to simplify the survey and make it easier to complete. Now the survey contains only the questions that refer to investment capacity, labour supply, business optimism, customer / supplier relationship index, volume and value of business, cost drivers, asset replacement costs, fleet maintenance and repair costs, financing cost, efficiency and KPIs. To complete the survey approximately 10-15 min. are required.

Below some examples are shown from the results presented in the charts with arrows that highlight the prevailing trends. Of course, the results are visible to members only.