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ECG is monitoring the latest developments regarding Autonomous Vehicles.

Below you may find all the relevant information from ECG news.

Latest update: 04 May 2023

Kodiak Robotics introduces first-ever autonomous electric class 8 truck

Source: Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain, 2023-05-02

Kodiak Robotics, Inc., a leading self-driving trucking company, introduced the first-ever autonomous electric class 8 truck…

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Chinese EV giant BYD says self-driving tech is more valuable for factories than cars

Source: CNBC, 2023-04-18

Fully autonomous driving is “basically impossible” and the technology would be better applied to manufacturing…

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Ford launches Britain’s first hands-free car

Source: Telegraph, 2023-04-13

Drivers will be able to legally let go of their steering wheels for the first time on British roads…

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Is the car industry going cold on full self-driving tech?

Source: Automotive Daily, 2023-04-03

Ford abandons public testing of level-four-capable autonomous vehicles due to their “near-term” unprofitability…

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Broader Horizons for Autonomous Trucks

Source: Transport Topics, 2023-03-17

As self-driving truck developers move forward with pilot deployments and continue laying the groundwork for broader commercialization, they are pursuing several different concepts for how and where this technology could fit…

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Autonomous Vehicles Could Lead Us to a Future With Higher Emissions

Source: Popular Mechanics, 2023-03-08

The growing visibility of climate disasters around the world, such as flooding and wildfires, have made it impossible to ignore the impact that daily luxuries, such as plastic waste, have on our planet…

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Fully self-driving cars unlikely before 2035, experts predict

Source: Verdict, 2023-03-09

The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry will not develop a fully self-driving car until 2035, according to a recent prediction from research firm GlobalData…

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Conversations in motion: Safe, autonomous driving for everyone

Source: McKinsey & Company, 2023-03-06

In an interview at the M30 Mobility Summit, Cepton’s Hull Xu shares his views on the latest developments in mobility…

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AAA: Fear of Self-Driving Cars on the Rise

Source: AAA Newsroom, 2023-03-06

The results of AAA’s annual automated vehicle survey show that while there is still a high level of interest in partially-automated vehicle technology…

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Self-driving car could end traffic light need, says firm involved in trial

Source: BBC, 2023-02-18

Thomas Tompkin of Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) said “a seismic shift in the way roads are laid out” is possible

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Tesla recalls 362,000 U.S. vehicles over Full Self-Driving software

Source: Reuters, 2023-02-17

Tesla Inc will recall more than 362,000 US vehicles to update its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software

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First remote-controlled cars drive on European roads

Source: Automotive News Europe, 2023-02-07

Automotive Germany’s Vay has become the first company to deploy a vehicle without a human being on a European public…

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Mercedes, Bosch to roll out fully automated parking in Germany

Source: Automotive News Europe, 2022-11-30

Mercedez-Benz and Robert Bosch have received approval for a fully automated self-parking software that enables cars…

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Honda to develop advanced level 3 self-driving technology by 2029

Source: Reauters, 2022-11-30

Honda said it would develop technology enabling its level 3 seld-driving capability to function at any speed below legal…

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A Self-driving Mobility Service Launched in Jeju

Source: Business Korea, 2022-11-30

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that a self-driving mobility service was launched in Jeju…

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Ford, VW will shut Argo AI self-driving joint venture

Source: Automotive News Europe, 2022-10-26

Ford decided it needed to invest in driver-assistance technology that was more achievable in the near term…

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Apple’s car is popular even before it exists

Source: Automotive News Europe, 2022-09-05

If semiconductor shortages, recession risks and the once-a-century shift in propulsion weren’t enough to keep…

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Self-driving revolution to boost economy and improve road safety 

Source: UK Government, 2022-08-19

AUK roads could see self-driving vehicles rolled out by 2025 thanks to new government plans – backed by £100m…

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