A Self-driving Mobility Service Launched in Jeju

A Self-driving Mobility Service Launched in Jeju

Business Korea — 2022-11-03

Automotive Industry

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that a self-driving mobility service was launched in Jeju on Thursday 3 November 2022.

The service on the coastal roads near the airport of the island and in and around its Jungmun Tourist Complex is free until next year. The same service is scheduled to be launched in Daegu City in 2023.

Three autonomous vehicles are used in the service. Two will be in operation near the airport to cover 16km. of coastal roads. The other will be in operation in and around the complex. A reservation can be made with an app or QR code.

In the meantime, the ministry provides its first traffic safety training for autonomous vehicle users on 3 November. This is because provisionally approved Level 4 autonomous cars are increasing in Jeju along with self-driving test areas.