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The ECG Academy and its Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management was developed in response to demand for specialist training for junior and middle managers working in the finished vehicle logistics sector. The certificate provides those managers with the fundamental business knowledge and skills to maximise their potential, and enables them to become experts in analysing and executing complex global logistic networks.

The course programme was first designed and run by the Executive Education arm of the European Business School. The course has then been managed for many years by the Education Unit of KPMG. Since 2021 the Zeppelin University has taken over the management of the course in partnership with KPMG. The deployment of the course is managed by the Academy Director Dr. Christian-Titus Klaiber and caters for between 18 and 24 students each year.

The Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management is suitable for anyone involved in the sector whether they work for an LSP, OEM or even a supplier to the sector who wants to broaden their understanding and expertise. This is a unique certificate of excellence which we believe is the only formal qualification in vehicle logistics available anywhere in the world.

The course itself includes around 24 days split into 5 modules at different locations in Europe which allow for site visits to manufacturing plants, ports and logistics facilities alongside the classroom work. The course is taught by a mixture of academics and industry experts in order for students to learn key leadership and general management skills in areas such as negotiation skills, risk and project management, innovation management as well as contract law just to name a few. Work during the course will be prepared individually, but there will also be team work assignments including a business case on innovation management. The final assessment includes oral and written exams as well as preparation and defence of a thesis which can be of particular interest to the student’s parent company. In addition to the formal learning the students build an exceptional network of contacts across the industry which they frequently rely on throughout their careers in the sector.

What our alumni say about the ECG Academy


“When signing up for the Academy, I never could have imagined how it was to experience it in reality. The course was fantastic and I´m very happy that I had the opportunity to participate.”

Kris Schildermans, Volvo Cars

ECG Academy 2022/2023, Course 16

In 2010 the Board of ECG decided to honour and perpetuate the memory of Mr. Giovanni Paci for his contribution to the Association. Mr. Paci, who passed away suddenly at a fairly young age, shared a presence, passion and vision second to none and is greatly missed by all who knew him both as a colleague and as a friend. Since 2010 the Giovanni Paci Award is awarded each year to the top student on the ECG Academy as adjudged by the Course Director and other ECG Academy staff.

In 2019 the Josef Decker Award for Innovation was introduced in memory of the former ECG Academy Dean Professor Josef Decker who passed away in 2018 and was a dear friend of ECG. The award is awarded each year to the group which developed the most innovative project during the Innovation management module of the ECG Academy.

Also since 2019 ProAct International has been supporting the ECG Academy through lectures and by sponsoring a new award for ‘digital mindset’. If a student chooses a digital topic as the subject for their thesis then they are automatically entered for this award. The results of this and the other awards are announced immediately after the graduation ceremony.

Following agreement by the ECG board the Internal Rules of the association were amended to formally allow the potential to recognise people who have made an exceptional contribution to the sector. The title of Honorary Automobile Logistician may be awarded once per year with the unanimous consent of the ECG Board and the Director of the ECG Academy. It is not awarded every year but, when it is, the presentation will normally be made at the annual graduation ceremony of the Academy which traditionally takes place in front of the members during the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly.

The ECG Academy has seen over 250 alumni graduate from more than 50 different companies. The knowledge gained during the course has equipped them with the skills to increase efficiency and reduce costs for their organisations in complex business processes, and the certificate itself has offered graduates a wide range of potential areas of application as well as opportunities for career advancement.

The price has remained unchanged for many years at €9,400, despite the course being constantly expanded, refined and improved.

If you want to know more, or to enroll on the next course, please have a look at the brochure and application form below. For further inquiries and enrolments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mike Sturgeon
Executive Director, ECG
Phone: +32 2 706 82 82


As the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, ECG represents leading vehicle logistics companies from 27 countries across Europe and has developed in the ECG Academy a bespoke advanced training course for managers in the finished vehicle logistics sector. The only accredited qualification available in this field, the Academy is in its 14th year with more than 250 Alumni that have achieved the high standards required to graduate from this course.

The ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) was established in October 2010 as a means of harnessing the enthusiasm and growing experience in this exclusive club for the benefit of the sector. To this end a number of projects were identified that the group could work on and these were discussed and agreed between the EAAG and the ECG Board. As its main objectives, the EAAG is currently researching innovative projects within the finished vehicle logistics sector, as well as developing a networking programme for the ECG Academy Alumni.


Innovation in finished vehicle logistics

The ECG Board, in co-ordination with the ACEA Working Group Automotive Logistics, gave the EAAG the assignment to research and investigate the feasibility of “Trailer Shuttle” operations in finished vehicle logistics. Based on the swap-body concept, theoretically there should be possibilities to create such shuttle truck operations within existing logistic networks. But is the European network fit for this kind of innovative operations? And if not, what extra efforts would be needed from both the sides of the OEM’s and the LSP’s to make the project feasible? The presentation of a report, including recommendations for OEM’s, LSP’s and trailer manufacturers, was delivered mid-2013. The EAAG will continue to work on innovative concepts which it believes could serve the sector well in the near future.

Alumni platform and developing networking opportunities

Established on LinkedIn there is now an active ECG Academy Alumni Platform. In addition the EAAG is involved in the organisation of Annual Alumni Meetings to facilitate networking and sharing of experiences. Click here for more details. As the Alumni of the Academy develop their careers and often move around Europe, maintaining communication with everyone will be a challenge and each year another batch of graduates will join the club.

Educational Development

The EAAG is striving for continuous improvement and further developments in education for the finished vehicle logistics sector that will complement the ECG Academy and fulfill other training requirements. In particular the development of relevant on line training modules has been looked at.

EAAG members

Alumni of the ECG Academy may stand for election to the EAAG. The elections will be held on a bi-annual basis. These will be publicised to all alumni in advance by the ECG Secretariat. Please feel free to contact us if you are an alumnus/a of the ECG Academy and would consider participating in the ECG Academy Advisory Group in the future. Whoever you are, we are open for all suggestions and ideas and are looking forward to discuss these with you. For further information, please contact the Secretariat.

The current EAAG is composed of 11 members elected in February 2024.

Tom Antonissen
European Parking Association

Laura Buitrago
Toyota Motor Europe

Lukas Eiben
Mosolf Group

Ceren Eker Güven
Ant Lojistik

Sándor Gacsó
Great Wall Motor

Tobias Goetz
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions 

Attila Novak

Attila Novák

Andreea Popa

Filippo Rizzi Ariani
Grimaldi Group – EAAG Chair

Hendrik Rütten
Glovis Europe

Andreea Maria Serbu

Following agreement by the Board of ECG the Internal Rules of the association were amended to incorporate the potential to recognise people who have made an exceptional contribution to the sector. The title of Honorary Automobile Logistician may be awarded once per year with the unanimous consent of the ECG Board and the Director of the ECG Academy.

It is not awarded every year but, when it is, the presentation will normally be made at the annual graduation ceremony of the Academy which traditionally takes place in front of the members following the Welcome Dinner during the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly.

In the gallery below you will find all those who have received the award so far.

Franz Blum
General Assembly 2023 – Thessaloniki

Günter Percht
General Assembly 2023 – Thessaloniki

Johannes Hödlmayr
General Assembly 2022 – Malaga


Michael Bünning
General Assembly 2018 – Madrid

Hervé Moulin
General Assembly 2018 – Madrid


Ray MacDowall
General Assembly 2017 – Malta


Egon Christ
General Assembly 2016 – Milan


Claude Guetin
General Assembly 2013 – Dublin


Ilhan Cetinkaya
General Assembly 2012 – Oslo-Copenhagen


Frits Mehrtens
General Assembly 2009 – Zurich


Louis Yiakoumi
Annual Conference 2009 – Rotterdam


Giovanni Paci
Annual Conference 2009 – Rotterdam

The best student from each Course of the ECG Academy has always been recognised, but since 2010 they have received the Giovanni Paci Award. Giovanni Paci served as an adviser to the ECG Board from 2005 until his sudden and unexpected death in September 2009 while travelling to meet with ECG. He was just 46 years of age. Despite being an external consultant he was very much an integral part of the ECG team. He made an enormous contribution to the Association during the time that he was involved, contributing to the strategy that made ECG what it is today. His presence, passion and vision were second to none and he is missed by all who knew him both as a colleague and as a friend.

In 2010 the Board of ECG decided to honour and perpetuate his memory by inaugurating the Giovanni Paci Award and since then this is awarded each year to the top student on the ECG Academy as adjudged by the Course Director and his team in a process that is completely independent of ECG. The top students are shown below.

Laura Buitrago
Toyota Motor Europe

Claudio Pizzuti Grimaldi Group
Jean-Baptiste Salmon Renault Groupe

Ciro Di Dato Grimaldi Group
Artur Gowin CarCollect


Dorian Wöhr



Patrick Palussek Glovis
Andreea Popa Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi


Simone Mullazzani
Grimaldi Group


Jessica Leonard
Nissan Motor Manufacturing Ltd


Christian Paul
Daimler AG


Lukasz Szutenberg
Adampol S.A.


Tanja Mattheis


Ugo Gasparri
I-FAST Automotive Logistics s.r.l.


Maike Ziezolt
Daimler AG


Albert Cortés i Mochales
Tradisa LogicAuto S.L.