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We believe in our history and our roots. Founded in 1885, ROLFO will celebrate its 140th anniversary next year, holding the position of a company that looks to the future and always ready for change.
We integrate our offer by responding to the requests of our customers with a range of innovative products made with professionalism and flexibility, making use of technique, method and know how while respecting sustainability as a priority choice. We believe that there is no perfect car carrier for all circumstances and loads, and for this reason we have developed a specific and targeted product for each request to satisfy our wide range of customers. All our vehicles respond to the ever-growing demand for efficiency and modernity, respecting and following the evolution of the FVL needs.

For us, working together as one large team, is much more than a strategy: it is the best way to express the values we believe in.

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ProAct Global Solutions are a leading provider of factory to consumer, finished vehicle logistics solutions, both complex, global, multi-modal planning and execution along with sophisticated multi-modal yard management. These capabilities are backed up with extensive industry experience and an evolving technical platform from which to communicate and integrate automatically with all supply chain stakeholders including OEMs, carriers, service providers, agents, dealers etc….for that elusive delivery promise. Digitalisation comes as standard with ability to integrate with most forms of vehicle related data

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INFORM thinks differently about how to solve the challenges the automotive industry faces today, tomorrow is sure to be bright, and we look forward to taking that step together with you. INFORM has quietly been delivering digital automation across logistics for nearly three decades now, and we’ve built that experience into our Artificial Intelligence empowered Automotive Logistics Software Solution. Today, over 1000 employees deliver customized software solutions for more than 1,000 customers worldwide.



Our mission is to empower businesses and deliver value with reliable and efficient international logistics solutions, pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry. We execute tens of thousands of transactions per month and deliver hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year through a combination of digital innovations and an unwavering commitment to customer success. In doing so, we have become one of the fastest growing disruptive and differentiated logistics providers in the world.


Transporting Wheels

Transporting Wheels organises efficient and fast car transport for an international customer base. Our transport partners benefit from a wide range of options. From single units for spot filling to full truck loads, all over Europe.

We are online based, for fast document handling and information exchange. Please check our company presentation to see what we can do for your business.

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