New CO2 road tax in Germany

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ECG – The Association of European Vehicle Logistics has published a briefing paper on the substantial new CO2 tax which is planned to be included in Germany’s road tolls from 1 December 2023.

This paper provides a summary of the proposed changes to road tolls (Lkw-MAUT) in Germany and, specifically, on the introduction of a CO2 emissions tax. The purpose of the paper is to inform ECG members and other actors in the vehicle logistics sector about these changes. As a result of the proposed legislation governing road tolls in Germany, road taxes will increase significantly for logistics companies operating in Germany, or transiting the country, starting  from 1 December 2023 if the legislation is approved by the German Parliament, as expected, in the coming weeks.

New CO2 tax to be included in Germany’s road tolls

Operational costs to increase dramatically for Logistics Service Providers from
1 December 2023