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Swedish court rules against Tesla in labor dispute; Finnish union joins strike

Automotive Industry Autmotive News Europe - 2023-12-08

Tesla lost a chapter in a legal battle with Sweden's postal service on Thursday as a fight with Nordic trade unions escalates, with a Finnish union joining a port blockade that will prevent the automaker from importing its vehicles to Sw …

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Renault Aims to Slash EV Production Costs in Half

Automotive Industry Bloomberg - 2023-12-07

Renault SA is deploying artificial intelligence technology to help slash the cost of producing electric vehicles in half by 2027 as the race to make affordable mass-market cars intensifies. …

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Italy has $6.5 bn available to support auto industry, unions say

Automotive Industry Autmotive News Europe - 2023-12-07

Italy has about €6 bn ($6.5 bn) still available to support its automotive industry, trade unions said on Wednesday after a meeting with Industry Minister Adolfo Urso and automaker Stellantis. …

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Economic and Market Report: Global and EU auto industry – First three quarters 2023

Automotive Industry ACEA - 2023-12-07

ACEA’s Economic and Market Report provides current and forecast data on car sales, production, and trade in Europe and global markets. Key insights Sales …

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Tesla shipments blocked by Norwegian workers as labor dispute spreads

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-12-07

Norway's largest private sector labor union said it will block transit shipments of Tesla cars meant for the Swedish market, as part of a growing Nordic movement to support striking mechanics in Sweden. …

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Rules of origin: EU auto makers welcome proposal to extend current electric vehicle battery rules by 3 years

Automotive Industry ACEA - 2023-12-06

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Associations (ACEA) welcomes the European Commission’s proposal to seek a three-year extension to the current rules of origin for batteries under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). …

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Lamborghini introduces four-day week for production workers

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-12-06

Lamborghini has reached a deal with unions to introduce a four-day week for its production workers, the labour associations and the company said, as more manufacturing groups re-consider the structure of the work week for their empl …

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Tesla labor troubles mount as Danish dockworkers join strike action

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-12-05

Denmark's largest union said it will support Swedish mechanics in their strike action against Tesla. …

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Automakers win delay on EU tariffs for U.K.-built EVs

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-12-05

he European Union proposed delaying by three years tariffs on electric vehicles traded with the UK that are set start on 1 January, in a win for automakers that warned the rules would unnecessarily hurt their operations. …

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Toyota expects to reach threshold for Europe EV production in 2026

Automotive Industry Autmotive News Europe - 2023-12-05

Toyota will reach the sales threshold to trigger European battery-electric vehicle production in 2026, according to the automaker’s CEO for Europe, Yoshihiro Nakata. …

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