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India government sets emission limit for hydrogen to qualify as ‘green’

Automotive Industry EURACTIV - 2023-08-19

The Indian government has set an emission limit of two-kilogram carbon-dioxide for every kilogram of hydrogen produced to be classified as “green” from renewable sources, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said on Saturday …

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China's EV makers face cost and consumer challenges to conquer Europe

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-08-18

China's electric vehicle (EV) makers, which have raced past foreign rivals to top sales rankings at home, are arriving in Europe – and facing a new set of challenges. …

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EV battery imports face scrutiny under US law on Chinese forced labor

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-08-17

Electric-vehicle batteries and other car parts are the latest products under scrutiny as part of Washington's effort to stamp out U.S. …

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New ISO standard for the safety of self-driving vehicles

Automotive Industry Connected Automated Driving - 2023-08-17

The new international standard for safe operation of self-driving vehicles, Road Vehicles – Test scenarios for automated driving systems – Specification for operational design domain …

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New ISO standard for the safety of self-driving vehicles

Automotive Industry The University of Warwick - 2023-08-16

A new international standard has been published laying the foundations for safe deployment of self-driving vehicles by creating a common approach to define the operating conditions of self-driving vehicles, which is also known as the Ope …

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Share of battery-run electric vehicles continues strong growth in Germany since beginning of 2023

Automotive Industry Clean Energy Wire - 2023-08-15

The share of fully electric passenger cars in Germany continues to grow quickly, with the number of e-car registrations growing more than 37% in the first seven months of 2023 compared to the same time frame the previous year,  …

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Geely and Baidu to build EVs under new Ji Yue brand

Automotive Industry - 2023-08-15

Chinese technology company Baidu will launch its first electric model at the end of the year together with carmaker Geely under the new Ji Yue brand. The Ji Yue 01, however, is Jidu Auto’s electric SUV, previously known as the Robo-01. …

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Chip shortage in Germany's car industry will last years - Audi manager

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-08-11

Semiconductor shortages that have created bottlenecks for Germany's car industry will take years to resolve despite chipmakers' plans to build factories in the country, a senior Audi manager was quoted as saying on 11 August 2023. …

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Chinese vehicle exports keep Russian vehicle logistics afloat at sea – and by rail

Automotive Industry Automotive Logistics - 2023-08-11

Russia has become the top destination for Chinese vehicle exports, rising almost 500% year-on-year. But vehicle logistics modes, cost and capacity are a challenge, leading to new delivery methods, including cars in containers.  …

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Ford postpones production launch for the Explorer in Cologne

Automotive Industry - 2023-08-11

Ford has postponed the market launch of its Cologne-built electric model Explorer, previously planned for early 2024, by about half a year. The issue is apparently related to new global safety regulations for the drive train. …

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