EP formally approves agreement on its directive

EP formally approves agreement on its directive

CLECAT — 2023-10-06

News from Brussels

On 3rd October, MEPs in Plenary session formally approved the inter-institutional agreement on the revision of the 2010 Directive on the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The revised Directive aims to align technological advancements in connected and automated mobility, on-demand mobility applications, and multimodal transport, while facilitating the availability and interoperability of digital data supporting these services.

The Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the proposal in June. The necessary types of data, including speed limits, road closures or roadworks, data on one-way streets in cities, traffic weight, length, width and height restrictions as well as conditions for circulation in regulated traffic zones will be included in a national database to be shared between EU countries, businesses and consumers. The new Directive also contains an implementation programme covering at least the next 5 years and a precise geographical scope of road network.

The agreement needs to be formally adopted by the Council before it becomes law. Once published in the Official Journal, Member States will have two years to transpose the provisions of the Directive into their national law.