Successful Quality meeting with record attendance

Successful Quality meeting with record attendance

ECG — 2023-01-27

News from ECG

The last meeting of the Quality Working Group was held on 25 January with a record attendance! Besides having 30 people in the room physically attending we had 40-45 additional participants joining online, which makes this the biggest ever Quality meeting held. Thanks a lot for the participants who, both online and in the room, actively contributed to the fruitful discussions and the overall success of the meeting.

The main theme on the agenda was definitely around the maritime transport of Alternative Fuel Vehicles, which generated a lively debate and will for sure be a discussion point for the next meetings too as more scientific evidence will come out later this year. This might also lead to the revision of the EMSA guidance document on this issue.

Besides this the group discussed about the growing number of vehicles transported by containers and the many operational questions around it. A dedicated sub-group was created with the interested parties, from OEMs, shipping lines, compound operators as well as inspection companies, and it will soon be convened. Another separate group was also initiated on the transport of used cars, which is an important activity of ECG members besides the transport of finished vehicles and which might need some minimum standards to be specified.

In case you need any further information on the Quality group or its new activities please contact Szilvi Kiss.