BYD launches on the Spanish market

BYD launches on the Spanish market — 2023-04-03

Automotive Industry

Chinese carmaker BYD is now selling its electric cars in Spain. It will soon kick off its Atto 3 SUV, Tang SUV and Han sedan sales there. BYD also sells the models in other European countries.

The company is opening two of its ‘BYD Pioneer Stores’ in the country, one in Madrid and the other in Barcelone. The company does not give an exact opening date, only saying it will be “shortly.” Stores in Valencia, the Canary Islands, Malaga and Seville, as well as “additional retail outlets in Madrid and Barcelona,” will follow during 2023.

The Astara, Quadis and Caetano Retail Spain will provide sales and aftersales support for BYD customers in Spain.

In Europe, BYD already offers its electric cars in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. And “other European countries will follow imminently,” the carmaker writes, but does not specify which ones. It is safe to assume that Finland and Iceland will be on the list. The carmaker recently signed new partnership deals in Europe, including with RSA. The two companies already work together in Norway. The new agreement is said to cover Finland and Iceland.

BYD is also expanding its presence outside of Europe. The company has now officially launched in Mexico, where it offers its Tang SUV and Hang sedan. “To start the passenger vehicle business in Mexico is a dream BYD has been pursuing for years, and the dream has come true today,” Zou Zhou, Country Manager of BYD Mexico, said at the launch.

The expansions were to be expected. BYD says it wants to sell 3.6m EVs in 2023 – that is double the number of electric cars the manufacturer sold in 2022. And BYD is getting ready to ramp up production, announcing three new battery plants in China since 2022 November. And there were rumours that BYD may consider taking over Ford’s factory in the German state of Saarlouis. It is unclear, however, what the outcome of the talks between company representatives was.