New ECG Survey website launched next week

New ECG Survey website launched next week

ECG — 2023-10-13

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ECG’s long-standing publication, the ECG Survey on European Vehicle Logistics, will be launched as a new website on 16 October. Since February this year we have been busy transposing the well-known book’s content to a searchable platform where the various data points can be accessed more easily.

The website contains information on industry statistics, full details on each ECG member and country data. Besides this there is a dedicated interface to conduct a detailed search on the member compounds and also on OEM production facilities across in Europe. All information here is not only shown visually on a map but relevant details are also listed in a table from where the data can be easily extracted. And, last but not least, the forecasting data will be updated every 6 months (in January and in July) – kindly provided by S&P Global Mobility.

The ECG Survey will be updated dynamically, as changes happen, but we will reach out to our members at least once per year to make sure the most accurate and up-to-date data is shown on the website.

ECG members will access the Survey website free of charge while others will be able to access it by subscribing. These will be subscriptions for the calendar year at a company level. Logins will, however, be personal and not shareable with other people, even from the same company. For more details on this, and for the subscription costs, please check out our dedicated webpage.

If you have any questions on this project please contact Szilvi Kiss.