Second Quality meeting of the year held in Brussels

Second Quality meeting of the year held in Brussels

ECG — 2023-06-02

News from ECG

31 May 2023 saw the second meeting of the Quality Working Group this year, with a very good turnout both online and in the room in Brussels. Thanks to those who attended the meeting and contributed to the lively discussions!

The main theme of the meeting was once again the transport of vehicles with high voltage batteries on board ships. Attendees were briefed on some recent research on fire involving Battery Electric Vehicles which will help develop a better understanding of the challenges ahead. The results of the Lashfire project will be finalized later this year and we will brief the members of the group as soon as we know more from this.

Attendees heard a presentation on the activities of the recently launched Vehicle Carrier Safety Forum (VCSF), which brings together shipping lines and P&I clubs. This forum is very focused on any safety issue related to the transport of vehicles with high-voltage batteries. Its upcoming actions will concern fire detection on board ships, technology analysis and development, as well as crew training. ECG and the VCSF will stay in contact and will brief each other on their respective activities.

The participants of the meeting also received an update on the activities of the dedicated sub-group on the transport of cars in containers. After some introductory meetings to set the scene the members of the sub-group will start amending the relevant chapter of the Operations Quality Manual on containers. Besides this the sub-group on used cars will start its activities towards the end of the year.

The next Quality meeting will be held in November-December 2023. The date will be confirmed later.

In case you need any further information on the Quality group and its activities please contact Szilvi Kiss.