Italy working to bring in another carmaker besides Stellantis

Italy working to bring in another carmaker besides Stellantis

Automotive News Europe — 2024-02-14

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Italy has been working for months to attract another automaker to the country alongside Fiat-owner Stellantis, Industry Minister Adolfo Urso said on Wednesday 14 January .

Urso's comments follow a clash between Rome's rightist government led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Stellantis over production levels in Italy.

In December, Fiat, Stellantis' strongest brand in the country, was not Italy's best-selling brand for the first time in almost a century, losing the title to Volkswagen.

A Stellantis spokesperson noted that the Franco-Italian carmaker was the undisputed leader in 2023 Italian registrations among passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a share of 33.8%, more than double VW's 15.3%.

December's decline did not affect the market leadership in the slightest, the spokesperson added.

Rome is in talks with Stellantis over a long-term plan for its auto sector, which includes a target to boost the automaker's annual output in Italy to 1 m vehicles from about 750,000 last year.

Earlier this month, the government launched a new vehicle subsidy scheme worth €950 m ($1 bn) for this year. Urso has said the government has a financial endowment of around €6 bn to support domestic production and incentivize consumption in 2025 and the following years.

"If there is no increase in production, which has fallen dramatically in recent years, the automotive fund of around 6 bn euros will be used from next year to support new production facilities, to strengthen components and, of course, to support the establishment of another car manufacturer," Urso told a parliamentary hearing.

It is "a plan we want to pursue and on which we have been working for several months with international talks," he added.