Climate change: a planetary problem that requires a global perspective, de Meo

Climate change: a planetary problem that requires a global perspective, de Meo

ACEA — 2023-05-26

Automotive Industry

Speaking at the International Transport Forum (ITF) Summit on 2023 May 25, Luca de Meo, ACEA President and CEO of Renault Group, addressed transport ministers from around the world on the global challenge of decarbonising transport.

Climate change is a planetary problem that requires a global perspective,” stated Mr de Meo during the ITF open ministerial session. However, Mr de Meo also pointed out that different approaches may be needed in different world regions. “European carmakers, often with a worldwide footprint and market span, are well placed to see that the approach to decarbonisation should be different by regions, simply because the starting conditions are different. There will be no silver bullet to bring all the markets globally to the same level of ecological performance at the same time.

De Meo highlighted the automotive industry’s commitment to decarbonisation. “Globally, vehicle manufacturers and battery makers are investing $1tn this decade in the transition to electric vehicles – an amount that is way higher than any other industry.

However, this transition cannot be led by the automotive industry alone, de Meo warned. “It is a team sport that we must play together, working on the entire value chain. What we need from public bodies is that they take responsibility for orchestrating the strategies of the different players: automotive, mining, energy, infrastructure industry.

Coordination between countries and world regions is also crucial, de Meo stressed, calling for global cooperation. “We need a very high level of cooperation, and cooperation at high level, to secure trade, competitiveness, economies of scale and common standards. Faced with the huge investments urgently needed to curb climate change, the world can’t afford to give up the economic efficiency offered by a global and open market. And for that we need reciprocity, respect of multilateral rules, and a level playing field.

The theme of the 2023 ITF Summit, taking place in Leipzig, Germany, this week is ‘Boosting sustainable economies through greening transport’.