ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process is now available in Romanian

ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process is now available in Romanian

ECG — 2023-12-19

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In a significant stride towards enhancing safety in the finished vehicles logistics industry, ECG is pleased to announce the publication of the ECG Guidelines – Safe loading process in Romanian. ECG thanks its members Groupe CAT and Orvipal for the kind support with the production and revision of this translation.

Originally developed by the Health & Safety Working Group (H&S WG) in 2019, these guidelines are now available in 14 European languages, including Romanian.

The Guidelines process serves as a crucial resource for finished vehicle logistics professionals, offering a detailed and visually instructive approach to loading and unloading operations on trucks. Developed with a focus on safety, the guidelines utilize a combination of pictures and concise descriptions to illustrate step-by-step procedures, ensuring that drivers carry out these operations in the safest possible manner.

ECG encourages all its members to improve drivers’ safety and prevent severe incidents by using the Guidelines in their driver trainings.

More information on the guidelines and the Health & Safety Working Group is available on our website.

About Health & Safety Working Group

ECG pursues its objective to enhance safety in vehicle logistics and road transportation since 2018 when the H&S WG was funded. The main objective of this working group is to work towards improving the safety of truck drivers especially during loading and unloading operations. Currently, the H&S WG has one active sub-group (SG1).

Sub-group 1 (SG1) gathers details of severe accidents and near-misses and identifies key trends and recommendations to prevent them. This is done through the incident reporting website where severe incidents and near misses are reported by logistics service providers. Every year ECG publishes yearly reports on accidents gathered including useful recommendations on how to prevent incidents and improve drivers’ safety. The H&S WG also produced the ECG Guidelines - Safe Yard Design, a standard for safe environments in hubs & compounds the. As a next step, the H&S WG will be looking at the delivery at retailers with an aim to identify safety risks and develop a process for improving safety in this area.