Zeekr starts production of the 001 for Europe

Zeekr starts production of the 001 for Europe

electrive.com — 2023-08-03

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Geely’s electric car brand Zeekr has started production of the Zeekr 001 for Europe and named four more European countries for sales of its electric cars. The cars are expected to be shipped to Europe in mid-August 2023 and delivered later in 2023.

The first Zeekr 001s built for European customers rolled off the production line on 2 August 2023 at the Zeekr plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, the company said, according to Chinese media. It also said that the vehicles are expected to be shipped to Europe in mid-August 2023. However, it is not known how many units will be produced.

It is also not known what changes have been made to the European model in order to obtain EU homologation. It is logical that the charging standard has been changed from the Chinese GB/T to CCS2, which is widely used in Germany.

At the end of June 2023, Zeekr had already started pre-sales for the Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X in the Netherlands and Sweden and announced “to expand to most countries in Western Europe by 2026”. Now, along with the start of production of the Zeekr 001 for Europe, the brand specifically announced Germany, Norway, Denmark and France as additional European sales markets. So far it is known that the Zeekr 001 will be available in Sweden from €59,490 or 667,000 SEK. How expensive the electric shooting brake will be in Germany has not yet been determined.

The Geely brand presented its European strategy at Auto China in April 2023 and named the 001 and the Zeekr X as the first models for the continent. The almost five-metre-long Shooting Brake 001 is the brand’s debut model, which has already been offered in China since October 2021, while the X is a compact car with SUV leanings. The second Zeekr model, the large premium van 009, is not due to come to Europe.

Both models are based on Geely’s all-electric SEA. The Zeekr 001 uses a 100 kWh battery, which in combination with the 200 kW rear-wheel drive is supposed to enable a WLTP range of up to 620 kilometres. There is also a dual-motor variant with 400 kW of power. The Zeekr X also offers at least 200 kW of power, but comes with a 69 kWh battery for up to 440 WLTP kilometres. The Zeekr X is closely related to the Smart #1.