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Polaris Autoliners becomes member of ECG

Members Corner Polaris Autoliners - 2024-04-25

Polaris Autoliners is happy to announce that it has recently become a member of ECG. …

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The Grimaldi Group's Great Abidjan delivered in South Korea

Members Corner Grimaldi Group - 2024-04-25

This is the fourth of six brand-new multipurpose ro-ro ships. She will soon be deployed to transport rolling freight and containers between Northern Europe and West Africa. …

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RoRo FlexTerminal - A new concept developed for flexible handling of cargo

Members Corner SAL - Scandinavian Auto Logistics - 2024-04-23

Scandinavian Auto Logistics has developed a new concept called “RoRo FlexTerminal” in cooperation with Port Esbjerg. …

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QEII Eastham Dock site to harness hydropower as Peel Ports drives its net-zero ambitions forward

Members Corner Peel Ports Group - 2024-04-22

Peel Ports Group, the UK’s second largest port operator, has announced on 22 April 2024 its Queen Elizabeth II Dock at Eastham will utilise energy from hydropower. …

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Increasing focus on sustainability in RoRo shipping

Members Corner Höegh Autoliners - 2024-04-18

With an increasing focus on sustainability, the leading RoRo shipping companies are introducing more environmentally friendly methods to meet customer demands while preserving the oceans and maritime life. …

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HIGH & HEAVY - For the green transition

Members Corner Axess Logistics - 2024-04-17

After several years of development, tests, and test-loadings, Axess Logistics has, with the Austrian vehicle producer Kässbohrer, developed a High & Heavy-trailer that lives up to the high standards of our customers …

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Solar panels at the Port of València will generate 22% of the energy it consumes

Members Corner Valenciaport - 2024-04-17

The new infrastructure, which began operating in a trial period in December 2023, will generate 2,297 MWh/year, that is to say, 3.5% of the electrical energy consumed by the Valencian docks. …

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Sesé joins the Aragon Automotive and Mobility Cluster as the first partner in the supply chain sector

Members Corner Grupo Sesé - 2024-04-16

The company joins the cluster with the aim of contributing to the construction of a more sustainable and connected future Sesé has been accompanying the automotive industry as a strategic partner in it …

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German, Belgian and Dutch ports: Europe, join forces to preserve the industry

Members Corner Port of Antwerp-Bruges - 2024-04-16

For years, the conversation between ports has been dominated by the question of who is the biggest. …

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DFDS to deploy fleet of battery electric vessels on the English Channel

Members Corner DFDS - 2024-04-11

DFDS reaffirms commitment to the electrification of cross-channel transport after meeting with UK Minister for Investment and Regulatory Reform, Lord Dominic Johnson. …

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