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CEVA Logistics takes full control of BERGÉ GEFCO joint venture for FVL in Spain

Members Corner CEVA Logistics - 2023-04-28

CEVA Logistics is expanding its finished vehicle logistics (FVL) services by taking full control today of its 50/50 joint venture, BERGÉ GEFCO. …

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Valenciaport becomes the first port in the world to operate hydrogen-powered 4×4 trucks at its terminals

Members Corner Valencia Port - 2023-04-27

The Port of Valencia is today the first port in the world to use a 4×4 truck tractor unit powered by green hydrogen to move containers within its terminals. …

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Liverpool in bid to become UK’s flagship Clean Maritime Research Hub

Members Corner Peel Ports - 2023-04-27

Peel Ports is working with a consortium led by the University of Liverpool to bid for the UK’s flagship national Clean Maritime Research Hub.   …

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Valenciaport and Burgos start working on the feasibility of a direct railway connection

Members Corner Valencia Port - 2023-04-25

Valenciaport and Burgos are already working on the study of a direct rail connection linking the main container port of Spain and the Mediterranean with the import/export companies of the province of Burgos. …

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New PhD project investigates the green transition challenges

Members Corner DFDS - 2023-04-21

The project will be led by PhD candidate Nanna Thit who will be enrolled in the Future Technology Program at Aarhus University and work in the Innovation & Partnerships department at DFDS in close collaboration with …

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One year after the merger, Port of Antwerp-Bruges looks back with satisfaction

Members Corner Port of Antwerp-Bruges - 2023-04-21

Port of Antwerp-Bruges will be blowing out one candle on 2023 April 22. The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge decided last year to proceed under a single banner, resulting in an exciting synergy. …

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Grimaldi's new "G5" vessel Great Lagos launched

Members Corner Grimaldi Group - 2023-04-20

Just two days after the celebrations for the delivery of the Great Antwerp, the Grimaldi Group's first …

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Geopolitical and macroeconomic context weighs heavy on quarterly Port of Antwerp-Bruges figures

Members Corner Port of Antwerp-Bruges - 2023-04-18

The total throughput of Port of Antwerp-Bruges amounted to 68.7m metric tonnes in the first quarter, a drop of 4.5% compared with the same period in 2022. …

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Grimaldi takes delivery of the Great Antwerp: new “G5” vessel class inaugurated

Members Corner Grimaldi Group - 2023-04-18

On 2023 April 18 the Grimaldi Group took delivery of the vessel Great Antwerp at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. Ltd. in Ulsan (South Korea). …

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Joan Calabuig: “Valenciaport is going to be the most sustainable port in Europe and will lead the energy transition”

Members Corner Valencia Port - 2023-04-18

The president of Valenciaport emphasised his commitment to three strategic dimensions for 2030: economic, environmental and social …

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