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Fit for 55: Transport MEPs want car-recharging stations every 60 km

News from Brussels European Parliament - 2022-10-04

Cars should be able to recharge every 60 km and refuel hydrogen every 100 km, while ships use on-shore power supply at ports, to help the EU become climate neutral by 2050. …

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Council agrees on emergency measures to reduce energy prices

News from Brussels Council of the EU - 2022-09-30

EU energy ministers today reached a political agreement on a proposal for a Council Regulation to address high energy prices. …

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Press statement by President von der Leyen on a new package of restrictive measures against Russia

News from Brussels European Commission - 2022-09-28

We wanted to present together the eighth package of sanctions. Last week, 19-25 September, Russia has escalated the invasion of Ukraine to a new level. …

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New automated driving speed limit paves the way for heavy-duty vehicles

News from Brussels IRU - 2022-09-27

A key UN forum has more than doubled the speed limit for cars and vans using automated driving systems. Regulations for heavy-duty vehicles are set to follow next. …

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CER Position - Combined transport and road vehicle weights & dimensions

News from Brussels CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2022-09-26

In the era of multimodality, the Revision of the Combined Transport Directive and the Road Vehicle Weights & Dimensions Directive are two sides of the same coin. …

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Average carbon dioxide emissions from new cars registered in Europe decreased by 12% in 2020, final data shows

News from Brussels European Environment Agency - 2022-09-26

The share of electric vehicle registrations tripled from 3.5% in 2019 to 11.6% in 2020 (including 6.2% full electric vehicles and 5.4% plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). …

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CER Position - Revision of the Railway State Aid Guidelines

News from Brussels CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2022-09-23

In the context of the European Commission's revision of the “Community guidelines on State aid for railway undertakings”, CER has gathered its members' views in regard to the content of the updated text which is currently being deve …

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Battery recycling will be the focus of new EU-project RESPECT

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2022-09-22

The recently-launched Horizon-Europe project RESPECT held its kick-off meeting in Paris on 20 September. 2022 …

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Zero-emission trucks: Three factors to set the framework right

News from Brussels ACEA - 2022-09-22

While zero-emission vehicles are ready for the market and coming in large numbers, we need to set the framework right to ensure that transport operators will fully embrace this shift. …

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Electric vehicles: tax benefits & purchase incentives in the European Union (2022)

News from Brussels ACEA - 2022-09-21

Nearly all EU member states now offer some form of fiscal support to stimulate the market uptake of electric vehicles, but both the nature and the monetary value of such tax benefits and purchase incentives still differ widely across the …

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