Delca Logistic UAB is the newest member of ECG

Delca Logistic UAB is the newest member of ECG

Delca Logistic UAB — 2024-06-10

Members Corner

Delca Logistic UAB has joined the ranks of ECG members!

Since 2004 we began to operate as a transportation division of "Gelgotos transportas" car retail company. From 2014 continuous growth and improvement has enabled the establishment of Delca Logistic as a separate company with its own goals and challenges.

Delca Logistic is part of ELCA Holding, which is combined of vehicle retail, auction, carwash, rental and transport companies in one group. We have 30 trucks, up to 4 years old. We use Scania, Mercedes, Volvo trucks with Lohr and Kässbohrer superstructures (most of new trucks will have an extra 5th axis for overweight loads).

We care about our team: We believe that people working together are the main key of sustainable future. We motivate our team to collaborate, share their suggestions and needs, encourage them to make more eco-friendly daily actions. 

We focus on clients: We offer services that add value to the client's business, always keeping respect and honestly in mind. We create a connection with our clients through long-lasting relationships.

The company’s activities are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO45001 and in the near future we will have ISO50001.

To know more about us please check our our website: