Omsan Logistics is the only Turkish company to receive an award at SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards

Omsan Logistics is the only Turkish company to receive an award at SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards

Omsan Logistics — 2023-08-18

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Omsan Logistics received an award at the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards for its digital applications and successful work in the field of finished vehicle logistics.

Received an award in the “Innovative Transportation Management Award of the Year” category in the program, the company achieved significant savings in cost, labor and time with the digitalization projects it implemented in the field of automotive logistics.

Omsan Logistics, one of the OYAK Group Companies that puts human-oriented digitalization processes at the center of its growth strategy, was awarded in the category of Transport Management Innovation of the Year by the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards program for its digital applications and its work in the field of finished vehicle logistics. Omsan Logistics was the only Turkish company deemed worthy of the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards in the program, which received a total of 1,400 applications.

In the program, where organizations that use technology together with logistics processes are evaluated, technological products and services in the supply chain and logistics sector are evaluated within the framework of innovation, efficiency, functionality, value, correct use and manageability as well as impact criteria. The organizations ranking first in their categories in the program, where the companies are evaluated by a jury consisting of technical, commercial, academic and marketing experts in the field of supply chain, are awarded globally.

Always aiming to increase customer satisfaction to the next level with its projects that increase the digital competence area, provide business model transformation and improve operational processes for customer experience, Omsan Logistics draws attention on international platforms with the services it applies in all these digital transformation processes.

Implementing digitalization efforts in the fields of vehicle tracking, logistics management system, load tracking, supplier and customer portals, customer relationship management, warehouse management systems and automotive logistics systems, Omsan Logistics has achieved more than 60 integrations with more than 15 corporate software and more than 700 corporate application users and customers in 7 companies and 65 locations.

Omsan Logistics, which automatically receives orders with the goal of zero error in warehousing service with its work in the field of digitalization, provides customer integration with special designs according to product type and sector.

Implemented a digital load tracking application for its customers in the fields of maritime container transportation, warehousing and automotive logistics, where the customers can track their loads online and transparently, the company’s self-service applications, kiosks, instant vehicle traceability, integration with the customer system, and the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) stand out among its digital applications.

Cost, labor and time savings

Continued its digitalization efforts without slowing down in the first half of 2023, Omsan Logistics managed to increase its capacity while saving cost, labor and time with the projects it implemented. The company reached maximum distribution volume with minimum cost with its digital project called “Route and Load Optimization” in warehouse and distribution operations, and achieved significant savings in labor and time with the automation of repetitive routine works through Robotic Process Automation.