Salloum Logistics has become a member of ECG

Salloum Logistics has become a member of ECG

Salloum Logistics — 2023-11-06

Members Corner

Salloum Logistics is happy to announce that it has become a member of ECG.

Founded in 2013, Salloum Logistics GmbH headquartered in Duisburg is a successful logistics company specialised on worldwide vehicle transports. 

We currently operate 200+ trucks thanks to the reliable partner network at our disposal. Herewith, we offer complete, individual innovative solutions for car manufacturers, used cars dealers, car rentals, leasing companies and institution with big fleet.

Founded in 2023, Polaris Autoliners is a Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) specialist providing tailor-made service and high-quality solutions for global OEMs. Being part of the Salloum Logistics group contains long-standing relationships with global car manufacturers and recognition of importance of an efficient supply chain. We create synergies between OEMs and establish new customized products for all needs. Combining shipping with inland services makes Polaris a unique full-service logistics provider with a single point of contact.

With a global service network, Polaris is able to offer different solutions for different shippers.

More can be found on the company's website: