MAN launches safety system to detect pedestrians and cyclists

MAN launches safety system to detect pedestrians and cyclists — 2023-04-26

Land transportation

MAN Truck & Bus has developed and launched several safety systems to improve road safety for commercial vehicles. These include advanced driver assistance systems, emergency braking systems, and lane departure warning systems.

The FrontDetection safety system is one of the most interesting of these new tools: this detects pedestrians and cyclists in the difficult-to-see areas in front of the vehicle. The system warns drivers, acoustically and visually, if pedestrians or cyclists are detected in front of their vehicles in starting situations and at low speeds of up to 10 km/h.

The new safety function has also been incorporated into the warning and braking strategy of the third generation of MAN’s Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) to detect other road users that could potentially cross the lane ahead of the truck.

Another safety system MAN is offering is the AttentionGuard warning system which detects unsafe driving and warns the driver visually and acoustically by continuously evaluating the driver’s lane stability and steering interventions. It can also detect a decline in driver attention and warn drivers even before they consciously perceive the onset of drowsiness.

Other safety features include a distance warning system that warns drivers if they fall below the legal minimum distance, the traffic sign recognition, and the tyre pressure and temperature display. The distance warning system reduces the risk of rear-end collisions, while traffic sign recognition displays real-time traffic and speed regulations that apply in the driving situation, reducing the risk of overlooking applicable restrictions.

The tyre pressure and temperature display helps to reduce consumption, wear and tear and reduces the risk of dangerous tyre bursts and fires due to overheating.

The new MAN lorries also come equipped with systems that are meant to relieve drivers of their daily work, such as the Reversing Motion System, which provides camera images of the rear area, making reversing easier in restricted visibility situations, and the fifth wheel coupling equipped with sensors that monitor the coupling process and provide information directly to the driver’s digital display instrument.

Additionally, the new air suspension control, voice recognition via driver card, and the PredictiveDrive function also contribute to making semi-mounting operations easier and saving up to 6% fuel.

The PredictiveDrive function, together with the even more powerful and fuel-efficient D26 engine, improved aerodynamics, and new axles, saves fuel. The MAN TGL and TGM start up with the MAN PowerMatic transmission without wear and shift even more efficiently.

With these new safety and driver assistance features, MAN Truck & Bus aims to contribute to preventive road safety and relieve drivers in their daily work.