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FINISHED VEHICLE LOGISTICS Covid and semiconductor crises have ‘pushed logistics industry forward’

Land transportation Automotive Logisics - 2023-09-27

The pandemic and the semiconductor shortage have encouraged more visibility and transparency between OEMs and automotive tier suppliers, helping the industry not only to recover but to advance further, according to experts. …

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Dutch government allocates €125 million to promote hydrogen-powered transport

Land transportation - 2023-09-25

The grant scheme is designed to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and vehicles. …

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Logistics UK's response to change in decarbonisation deadlines: decarb delay is the last thing industry needs

Land transportation Logistics UK - 2023-09-20

Speaking after today’s press conference by the Prime Minister, David Wells OBE, Chief Executive of business group Logistics UK said: …

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VDL Groep reveals fuel cell truck for Toyota’s European logistics

Land transportation Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain - 2023-09-13

Following the collaboration between Toyota Motor Europe and VDL Groep announced last May, the companies have now launched their first fuel cell demo truck. …

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A snapshot of the China-EU Rail Freight Market in S1 2023

Land transportation Upply - 2023-09-08

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the China-EU rail freight market over the past three years. Following the exponential growth in 2020 and 2021 came the Russia-Ukraine war. …

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Capacity constraints lead biggest concerns in FVL industry

Land transportation Automotive Logistics - 2023-09-05

Capacity constraints are the leading concern for the FVL industry, according to a survey by Automotive Logistics in partnership with Cognosos. …

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Weaked economy impacting European road freight rates

Land transportation Upply - 2023-09-05

Road freight transport prices in Europe continued to fall in the 2nd quarter of 2023, affected by declining demand. The contract freight rate index even exceeds that of spot rates, for the first time in six years. …

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All new trucks in Germany could be battery-electric by 2035 with enough charging points

Land transportation Clean Energy Wire - 2023-08-30

All new trucks being registered in Germany from 2035 could be battery-electric if a broad-scale charging network is available by then, according to the Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut). …

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Labour shortage in the industry is not only a matter of quantity

Land transportation Railfreight - 2023-08-29

One of the current issues in the rail and port sectors is the shortage of personnel while the demand keeps increasing. …

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European Road Freight Rate Benchmark Q2 2023: spot rates drop below contract rates for first time in 6 years

Land transportation IRU - 2023-08-23

The Upply x Ti x IRU European road freight rates index for Europe shows that the Contract Rate Index is down 0.2 points quarter on quarter, although it remains up 2.8 points year on year. …

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