Höegh Autoliners Wins Best Shipping Line of the Year

Höegh Autoliners Wins Best Shipping Line of the Year

Höegh Autoliners — 2023-08-01

Members Corner

The India Maritime Awards, renowned for recognizing excellence within the maritime industry, celebrate the outstanding achievements of shipping companies operating in the Indian market. Höegh Autoliners secured this prestigious accolade based on their sustained year-on-year growth, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions in the High & Heavy, Breakbulk, and Project Cargo segments.

"We are immensely proud to receive this esteemed award," said Capt. Atuldutt Sharma, Head of Sales - India and Middle East at Höegh Autoliners. "To be recognized as the Best Shipping Line of the Year for the sixth consecutive time is an incredible honour and a testament to the exceptional service and reputation we maintain in India. It is a true reflection of our team's dedication and hard work."

In addition to their exceptional performance, Höegh Autoliners has been at the forefront of providing sustainable ocean transport solutions. The company has undertaken significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a greener future. With a commitment to combat climate change, Höegh Autoliners has set a target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Höegh Autoliners is actively implementing a range of initiatives to achieve its net-zero goal. These efforts include the newbuild program of twelve Aurora Class vessels, the adaptation of energy-efficient technologies, the use of alternative fuels, and the exploration of innovative solutions to minimize emissions throughout their operations. By prioritizing sustainability, Höegh Autoliners aims to contribute to the preservation of the world's oceans while meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

"We understand the critical role that the maritime industry plays in environmental conservation," added Capt. Sharma. "At Höegh Autoliners, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and leading the way towards a more sustainable future for shipping. Our net-zero target by 2040 reflects our dedication to preserving the marine environment and promoting responsible business practices."

As the proud recipient of the "Best Shipping Line of the Year - Multipurpose Operator" award for the sixth consecutive year, Höegh Autoliners reiterates its commitment to providing sustainable ocean transport solutions while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. By combining operational excellence with environmental stewardship, Höegh Autoliners aims to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient maritime industry.