Auto Industry Undergoing Significant Changes: Hödlmayr, a Successful Mobility Provider

Auto Industry Undergoing Significant Changes: Hödlmayr, a Successful Mobility Provider

Business Review — 2023-08-28

Members Corner

The auto industry is one of the sectors currently experiencing substantial changes, whether we talk about new propulsion technologies, increased sustainability requirements, or shifting mobility behaviors. This undoubtedly impacts an automotive logistics company like Hödlmayr. Thanks to its strategic vision, which places particular emphasis on railway development and the establishment of its own rail connections, this long-standing company is well-prepared for the new challenges.

Logistical solutions that ensure seamless transfers and adhere to environmental protection goals have always been a priority for Hödlmayr.

We continually invest in the development of our rail transport solutions, and the construction of a new rail link at the Pitești site last year is evidence of this commitment. This focus on multimodal transportation to and from Romania has proven effective in recent years. Innovative concepts of this kind often provide the competitive advantage needed, which is why we managed to increase our turnover by over 30%, reaching €43 million last year. A 25% growth in new car sales in the first half of 2023 keeps us optimistic for the future,” says Tamer Sen, the General Manager of Hoedlmayr-Lazar Romania SRL.

Continued Fleet Modernization 

Hödlmayr Romania is investing in the modernization of its vehicle fleet this year.

In addition to the improvements to the fleet that are certainly important for drivers, we are once again making a significant contribution to automotive transport with the lowest possible emissions, through the acquisition of 20 new Euro-6 trucks and an investment of five million euros,” emphasizes Sen.

Dynamic Market Landscape

The European automobile market has been quite stagnant for a long period. Now there is an extraordinary dynamic, which, of course, we also need to manage. For our company, with so much experience in this segment and a well-developed sales and dealer structure in Europe, it’s a challenge that offers excellent opportunities for successful growth,” explains Andreas Sundl, a board member of Hödlmayr.

The company’s primary goal is to offer customers innovative and multimodal logistics solutions and services.