Mitsubishi Motors Europe partners with Vinturas to deliver interoperability to their supply chain

Mitsubishi Motors Europe partners with Vinturas to deliver interoperability to their supply chain

Vinturas — 2023-08-16

Members Corner

Creating a data-driven end-to-end supply chain, resulting in significant cost efficiencies and savings, are now easily attainable for the finished vehicle industry sector. Vinturas created process and workflow automation, solving network interoperability between Mitsubishi Motors Europe’s (MME) IT applications, functionality, and trading partners. MME controls and owns the data and information between all parties in their end-to-end supply chain, in a way that benefits all parties with higher transparency and traceability of vehicles, and improved data and information.

The first lane segment has been successfully implemented for the New Generation ASX, which is being assembled in Spain. The next lane segment will be for the All-New COLT, which will be assembled in Turkey, with potential for additional assembly plants and Vinturas modules to follow.

Bas van Groenewoud, General Manager - Vehicle Supply Chain Management of MME: “Thanks to their advanced private blockchain technology which was quickly and easily implemented, Vinturas offers us increased availability and accuracy of data, enabling us to make the right data-driven decisions at the right time., bringing greater transparency and accountability throughout our supply chain.

Ronald Kleijwegt, CEO of Vinturas: “We see more and more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and logistic service providers around the world with an interest in our unique interoperable network solution. Due to Vinturas, OEMs are not only in control of their entire value chain, data, and information, but they can also save a significant amount of money, due to cost efficiencies and working capital reduction. Especially the latter is of great importance in these times of ongoing changes and disruptions. We are delighted to support MME with our innovative technology and the great teamwork which has resulted in the successful implementation.

Vinturas uses private blockchain technology to digitize the entire distribution process, from the supply of parts & components to final delivery to the customer. It creates more transparency for each trading partner in the entire supply chain. The involved trading parties share their information and data in a strictly secured environment in the cloud while keeping the ownership of the information and data. With this innovative interoperable end-to-end supply chain network solution, Vinturas has demonstrated that significant cost savings can be achieved throughout the entire value chain.