Sesé performs the first e-CMR tests of the SIMPLE platform for the digitisation of the supply chain

Sesé performs the first e-CMR tests of the SIMPLE platform for the digitisation of the supply chain

Sese — 2023-11-13

Members Corner

Sesé carries out the first e-CMR pilot tests for integrated digital data management in the supply chain. The SIMPLE (Simplification of Processes for a Logistic Enhancement) project aims to interconnect the entire data flow of the various actors involved in the supply of goods and to generate a single standard for different platforms, companies and countries.

As part of this project, Sesé is the first company to have carried out tests along with Saica, digitally managing all the documentation, information and processes of the logistics chain from origin to destination. The pilot test with electronic CMR has been performed on a route between Zaragoza and Valencia, in which all transport planning has been carried out in a 100% integrated and digital way.

Thanks to this digitisation and integration, stocks can be reduced, routes optimised, processes improved and costs reduced, while at the same time bringing environmental benefits in terms of more sustainable and environmentally friendly freight transport, as well as a reduction in emissions and the use of paper.

Transforming the supply chain of the future

With the aim of transforming the future supply chain through digitalisation and the implementation of sustainable and efficient processes, more than 15 years ago Sesé opted for the design and development of its own tools, capable of integrating with those of its customers and thereby managing to engage the different links in the supply chain. In order to ensure that this integration goes one step further, Sesé has participated in this global optimisation project, a project that will be a major step forward for all actors in the supply chain.  

The SIMPLE project is promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; State Ports; and ADIF, with the UTE MidTrade (Indra) being awarded the technical assistance for its development. The Spanish Shippers’ Association has also collaborated in this pilot test. This has led to the integration of all the links in the logistics chain (operators and infrastructures) and the administrations involved in transport operations. The project is financed by Spanish and European funds.