DVSA issues new guidance on defect categorisation

DVSA issues new guidance on defect categorisation

trans.info — 2023-04-27

Land transportation

According to the DVSA, various topics have been updated in the guidance, which is split into two parts.

Part 1 covers public service, heavy goods and agricultural vehicles. The second part concerns passenger cars, private buses and light goods vehicles.

The changes the DVSA have made to the guidance are as follows:

Positive fit with an XL body

Additional load security defects and notes have been added to parts 1 and 2. No more than a 30cm gap is allowed and this will align with the information in Load Security: Code of Practice which will be published soon.

Wheel hub flanges specific to MAN vehicles

A defect and note have been added. Specific sanctions can be issued if they are worn, damaged or with loose fixings that affects the security of a wheel.

Guidance on cuts to seatbelt webbing

This aligns with current advice in the HGV and PSV inspection manuals. Even a small cut can significantly reduce their strength.

Clarification on drivers’ mirrors and defective doors

This aligns with the relevant inspection manuals. Mandatory mirrors must be fitted and give the user an appropriate field of view.

Advice on jammed or obstructed doors on vehicles

New wording for jammed or obstructed doors on vehicles which cannot be opened when required.