Implications of an e-fuel mandate for UK shipping

Implications of an e-fuel mandate for UK shipping

Transport & Environment — 2023-07-31

Maritime and Ports

In 2021, UK shipping used almost 7m tonnes of fossil marine fuel oil, and produced almost one-fifth of all UK transport emissions. The government is currently considering policies to decarbonise the UK shipping sector but has yet to make any solid commitments.

At the level of the International Maritime Organization, the UK has endorsed a goal-based maritime emissions reduction pathway called the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). To meet the SBTi pathway will require large-scale use of zero-emission marine fuels and energy.

T&E is recommending the use of mandates to create a market for both the supply and use of these fuels, and achieve the required emissions reductions for Net Zero and the UK carbon budgets. This briefing shows the energy requirements for the UK of implementing five different zero-emission mandate scenarios.

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