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Environmental technologies in focus on World Maritime Day 2022

Maritime and Ports Hellenic Shipping News - 2022-09-26

The International Maritime Organization is shining a spotlight on the role of emerging technologies to support a green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future. …

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Shipping taking promising first steps towards 2030 breakthrough goals on scalable zero emission fuels

Maritime and Ports Global Maritime Forum - 2022-09-21

The shipping industry is working towards full decarbonization by 2050 at the latest and last year an action plan was launched on which both private and public actors can focus their collective efforts around this and coming dec …

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Safety, legal and facilitation aspects of autonomous shipping discussed

Maritime and Ports International Maritime Organization (IMO) - 2022-09-13

Regulating Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) has implications for safety, legal and facilitation instruments under the purview of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). …

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UK dock workers' union threatens further strikes

Maritime and Ports International Business Times - 2022-08-22

A trade union on Monday 22 August warned of more strikes at the UK's largest container port if pay demands are not met, threatening to cause further disruptions to the supply chain. …

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Germany allocates €30 million per year for zero-emission vessels

Maritime and Ports Offshore Energy - 2022-08-19

Germany’s government has unveiled its decision to allocate millions of euros for the development of zero-emission vessels and support digitisation in shipbuilding. …

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Workers at Britain’s Peel Port vote to strike

Maritime and Ports Politico - 2022-08-15

More than 500 dockworkers at Liverpool’s Peel Port voted on 15 August to strike after rejecting a 7% pay hike. …

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Rhine River Set to Shrink to Critical Threshold for Navigability

Maritime and Ports Bloomberg - 2022-08-12

The Rhine River on 12 August is set to shrivel to a crucial level that could upend the trade of fuels throughout Europe, with the effects potentially rippling through the continent for months.  …

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Deep trouble for EU shipping push as Rhine River runs dry

Maritime and Ports Politico - 2022-08-07

Water levels for Western Europe’s most important waterway are falling fast, posing a problem for German industry. …

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