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New: Guidance on the Safety of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Maritime and Ports EMSA - 2023-11-14

EMSA has today released new Guidance on the Safety of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) On-board Ships. …

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New report: the potential of hydrogen as a fuel in shipping

Maritime and Ports EMSA - 2023-11-13

The potential of hydrogen as a fuel in the shipping sector is analysed in a new report released by EMSA. …

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Severe transit restrictions on the Panama Canal due to drought-induced water shortage

Maritime and Ports - 2023-11-08

ACP has thus decided to reduce the daily transits of vessels from 29 to 25; in the coming weeks, the authority says that this reduction may be further escalated until it reaches a daily transit limit of 18 ships by February. …

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Greek Owners Top Global Cargo Carrying Capacity

Maritime and Ports Maritime Logistics Professional - 2023-11-08

BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, Niels Rasmussen, has revealed that Greek and Chinese shipping companies now own 34% of the global fleet’s cargo capacity, with Greek owners leading on cargo capacity. …

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Hyundai Glovis invests in world’s biggest Ro-Ro vessels

Maritime and Ports Automotive Logistics - 2023-11-06

By making the investment in the record-capacity vessels Hyundai Glovis is addressing the current shortage in ro-ro capacity. …

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Tanger Med and Port Said included in EU ETS directive

Maritime and Ports Offshore Energy - 2023-11-02

This latest update, however, brings a marked change in the way emissions are assessed, and it extends its reach beyond EU borders, heralding extra-territorial implications. …

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Vessel utilisation continues to decline

Maritime and Ports Port Technology - 2023-11-01

When combined with container demand data, blank sailings data may be used to calculate the underlying capacity utilisation on the key East/West trades. …

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EU ETS: What we know so far

Maritime and Ports Port Technology - 2023-10-30

In September, the European Commission revealed its plan to introduce the EU ETS to the maritime sector, with the implementation slated to commence in January 2024. …

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Maritime transport to return to growth in 2023

Maritime and Ports International Chamber of Shipping - 2023-10-23

UNCTAD’s latest Review of Maritime Transport predicted a 2.4% growth in maritime trade volume in 2023, recovering from a 0.4% contraction in 2022. …

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ESPO'S environmental report 2023: climate change again top priority for Europe’s ports

Maritime and Ports ESPO - 2023-10-23

The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) has unveiled its Annual ESPO Environmental Report 2023 - EcoPortsinSights 2023, marking the eighth edit …

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