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Facilitation Committee tackles digitalization and autonomous shipping

Maritime and Ports International Maritime Organization - 2024-04-16

IMO’s Facilitation Committee has taken steps to further advance the digitalization of the shipping sector, while addressing cyber-security threats and the regulation of new technology such as autonomous ships.  …

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New report provides a blueprint for how ports can supply green methanol and ammonia by 2030

Maritime and Ports Global Maritime Forum - 2024-04-15

The Global Maritime Forum and RMI (founded as the Rocky Mountain Institute), under Mission Innovation’s umbrella, released a report today, 15 April 2024, outlining strategies for ports to become first movers in providing green methanol a …

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Brunswick port increases vehicle traffic and invests for further growth

Maritime and Ports Automotive Logistics - 2024-04-15

The US port of Brunswick processed 740,000 passenger cars and light trucks in 2023, up 13.5% on the previous year (2022), with imports accounting for 75% of the volume (555,000). …

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Lack of digital processes in shipping complicates decarbonization game

Maritime and Ports Offshore Energy - 2024-04-12

There is a potential for significant carbon reductions through the adoption of digital processes in the shipping sector, a new study published by Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) finds. …

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Ro-Ro services set for months of delays after Baltimore bridge disaster

Maritime and Ports The Load Star - 2024-03-28

Ro-ro services through the US east coast are set for months of delays, following the accident that claimed the lives of six people and destroyed a Baltimore bridge. …

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Baltimore FVL vessels re-route to New York, Norfolk and Philadelphia

Maritime and Ports Automotive Logistics News - 2024-03-28

Vessels that had been bound for Baltimore port have started to re-route after the cargo vessel Deli collapsed the Francis Scott Key Baltimore bridge in Maryland. …

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IMO on track to adopt mid-term measures to cut emissions from ships

Maritime and Ports International Maritime Organization - 2024-03-19

IMO is advancing discussions on legally-binding ‘mid-term’ measures to help the maritime industry achieve net zero shipping, as set out in the 2023 IMO Strategy on the Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships. …

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EU urged to lead the way in global maritime decarbonization efforts

Maritime and Ports Offshore Energy - 2024-03-18

The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), integral to global efforts to enhance energy efficiency in shipping and cut emissions, will be on the table for discussion as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) members convene in London a …

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Maersk CEO shares three imperatives for shipping’s decarbonization to succeed

Maritime and Ports Offshore Energy - 2024-03-14

Ahead of the key global event that will decide the pace of shipping’s decarbonization, Vincent Clerc, CEO of Danish shipping and logistics giant A.P. …

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Maritime cybersecurity: threats and challenges

Maritime and Ports Port Technology - 2024-03-11

Digital Ship, a commercial maritime publication, has presented an update on the marine cybersecurity landscape covering potential threats, mistakes shipping companies make and vulnerabilities that are frequently exploited. …

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