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“Who will deliver your next car?”
Driver shortage in vehicle logistics

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21/03/2023 19:00 - 22:00 CEST European Parliament, Brussels

The Dinner Debate 2023 organised by ECG and hosted by MEP Peter Lundgren (ECR Group, Transport & Tourism Committee) took place on 21 March in the European Parliament.

Speakers and attendees got the chance to engage in a lively debate on the driver shortage issue.

The global driver shortage is not a new phenomenon, but the situation is now rapidly deteriorating. The chronic lack of drivers is affecting many businesses, but none more so than the Finished Vehicle Logistics sector. New cars are piling up in ports and compounds across the continent while customers wait for them to be delivered.

ECG Members, many of whom operate truck fleets across Europe, discussed with decision-makers on the difficulties of finding drivers to keep their trucks moving and their plans to change the current trends which will otherwise soon see 2 million driver vacancies in Europe.




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